6 Common Medical Myths

6 Common Medical Myths

The human body is a fascinating thing. It’s something we live with every single second of our lives, but we tend to be pretty clueless about how it works and more importantly how to take care of it. And with this cluelessness, it should come as no surprise that misinformation and medical myths abound regarding our health. Here are some of the more interesting medical myths that continue to get peddled through ages.

Myth #1: Turkey makes you sleepy

This myth is always brought up around Thanksgiving. But sorry, turkey in and of itself doesn’t make one sleepy. The reason you’re probably feeling a bit drowsy after your meal is that you stuffed yourself full of carbs!

Myth #2: Getting the flu shot will cause you to get the flu

No, you don’t get the flu from getting a flu shot. Vaccines are made with inactive flu virus. You can’t get the flu from an inactive flu virus.

Myth #3: Cold weather will cause you to catch a cold

Nope. This is false. You’re just as likely to catch a cold in the summer months as you are to catch it in the winter months. It’s a year-round phenomenon.

Myth #4: Deodorant should be applied right after showering

While this is more a hygiene habit than a health habit, it actually does affect your skin. Dermatologists agree that it’s better to apply deodorant to dry skin. Therefore, wait until your armpits are dry before applying deodorant.

Myth #5: Fingernails will grow even after death

This is one of the more macabre myths out there. No, fingernails don’t continue to grow after death. The same is true with hair.

Myth #6: Gluten is bad

Although gluten-free is popular and a growing-fad, the truth is it shouldn’t be treated as a mainstream health solution. Gluten-free should only be encouraged if you are medically-diagnosed as gluten-intolerant.

In conclusion, in today’s information era, it is much easier to have correct information about our health. However, it is still uber easy to be led astray. When in doubt, consult a medical professional. They’ll be able to help you cut through the garbage and hold fast to healthy truths.

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