What are the best bandages for kids

What are the best bandages for kids

KIds get owies all the time. Bumps and bruises, minor cuts and scrapes. They’re all a part of the growing-up process. And we, as responsible parents, need to ensure we’re there to comfort our children when they get injured and help them in the healing process. And, of course, one of the most common items in the family first-aid kit for children is adhesive bandages. As a parent, I am astounded at the number of bandages our family goes through each year. And it’s not just because our kids are getting injured a lot. Sometimes, my little kids just want a bandage on because they want a bandage on! Perhaps, there’s something psychological about having a bandage on that provides a sense of comfort? Like a placebo effect? Well, anyway, whatever the reason for your child to have a bandage, you may be wondering, what are the best bandages for kids? To help answer this question, I’ve put together a few of my own thoughts on the matter:

My advice for buying bandages for kids

(1) Spend the extra money to buy some of the Disney bandages! It’s worth it, trust me. A little pricey, but it’s also priceless to see the tears stop flowing when your child is happy with the look of their bandage!

(2) Buy an assortment of sizes. Don’t just get the grown-up sizes.

(3) As with point 1, be willing to spend the extra money to get good quality bandages. Go for the clothy-feeling ones, not the plastic-feeling ones. My favorite are the ones sold by Melaleuca.

(4) Be sure to have antibiotic cream stored with your bandages. Remember, the ultimate purpose of the bandage is to help encourage the healing process. With that said, you can speed things up if you apply some Neosporin.


Our kids grow up way too fast. And as they do, let’s make sure we’re their to help them recover from every bump along the way. Bandages are a must for every family’s first aid kit. Hopefully, my few tidbits in this blog post will remind us all that it’s worth it to spend a little extra cast to make the bandage stash a little more kid-friendly!